EKO officially announces Zhang Ruoyun as their brand ambassador,ushering a brand new chapter of inspired lifestyles

On September 8th, 2022, EKO, the top brand of high-end intelligent waste bins, officially announced Zhang Ruoyun as their brand ambassador.

As a talented young actor, Zhang Ruoyun has crafted various beloved film and TV roles, his works being widely praised, earning the admiration of many. With the announcement of EKOs collaboration with Zhang Ruoyun as their brand ambassador, conversations on social media platforms surged and EKO brand recognition grew rapidly.

Zhang Ruoyun, the one-of-a-kind actor onscreen, and EKO, the unparalleled intelligent waste bin icon, are a perfect match. This has not only amplified the spirit of the brand, but has made EKO’s smart waste bins accessible to households around the world, leading more and more consumers to embark on an unprecedentedly inspired lifestyle filled with beauty and intelligence at their heart.

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