Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Guangzhou, China, EKO is vertically integrated, with broad based design, engineering, manufacturing and product development capabilities. At EKO we apply continuous innovation to redefine waste bins and other household objects as functional and décor enhancing products.

EKO products are now sold in more than 100 different countries and territories, and EKO has become one of the most creative and influential Chinese smart houseware brands. As a trailblazer in the industry, EKO continues to inspire excellence in all aspects of our business, with dedication to create fine quality smart products for the present and future.

Founder's Story

"A little better, much better"

Creativity and innovation sparked the begining of EKO. When others are bounded by the traditional image of the waste bin, EKO saw the potential of the product to be reinvented and reimagined. By creating a brand new perception of what a waste bin can be, EKO has become a leader in the industry. “A little better, much better,” quoted by EKO founder and CEO, Mr James, no change is too small for EKO. We believe a small change can make a big difference in the user’s experience.

EKO Founder & CEO: James Chen

Our Philosophy


Our Mission

EKO strives to re-imagine the
home with products designed
with beauty and intelligence at
their heart.

Our Vision

To become the NO.1 most trusted
name in the global smart waste
bin industry


EK9287 新幻影感应环境桶
广交会出口产品设计奖金奖 2018年

EK9368 炫酷脚踏环境桶
广交会出口产品设计奖金奖 2019年

EK6288 莫兰智能感应环境桶
广交会出口产品设计奖银奖 2019年

EK9288 臻美自动感应环境桶
红棉奖至尊奖 2011年