Rectangular stainless steel space saving motion sensor waste bin with full manual mode.

Space saving slim rectangular design
Automatic hands free soft open & close lid
Dynamic display for simple interface
Full manual mode (except 9L/12L)
Use with cord or rechargeable by USB(except EK9233)


  • 9L: 28.2×19.2×31.5cm
    12L: 28.2×19.2×40.1cm
    20L: 37.5x25x43.5cm
    30L: 37.5x25x61.6cm
    50L: 37.5x25x61.6cm (w/o liner)
    20L+20L: 46x27x64.7cm (double liners)
    45L: 46x27x64.7cm
    68L: 46x27x64.7cm (w/o liner)
    80L: 46x27x72.7cm (w/o liner)

Color option

  • Bronze Copper
  • Brushed SS
  • Champagne Gold
  • Matte Black Steel
  • Rose Gold

  • Automatic hands free soft open & close lid

  • Built-in deodorizer compartment is designed for perfume capsule to redu unpleasant odours

  • Sensor and manual function

  • Double liners to allow separation of recyclables waste
  • Automatic hands free soft open & close lid
  • Dynamic display for simple interface
  • Sensor and manual function
  • Full manual mode (except 9L/12L)
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Deodorizer compartment
  • Use with cord or rechargeable by USB(except EK9233)


– Recommended use of EKO bin liners.

– Also suitable for use with any standard size bin liners or bags due to the bag fixer keeping all bags in place.

– External surfaces: Wipe clean with a damp cloth and then dry with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cloths or strong chemical cleaners.

– Buckets: Remove from unit and clean with hot, soapy water. Wipe dry before replacing back into the unit.

– Odours: To eliminate any unwanted odours we recommend using EKO odour filters and/or EKO perfume capsules.

EKO Accessories Guide

Custom fit like a match made in heaven.

Maximize the functionality of our products by pairing them with custom fit liners, batteries, and odour filters.

Certain Products

Custom Fit EKO Bin Liners and odour filters available.

Bin Liners Size Guide

Using the built-in deodorizer compartment

– Compartments larger than 8x8x0.8cm are compatible with EKO Charcoal Odour Filters or perfume capsules.

– Compartments smaller than 8x8x0.8cm are compatible only with EKO perfume capsules.

Using the EKO Grancy Perfume Capsule Holder:

Compatible with EKO perfume capsules.

*Deodorizing accessories (capsule holder, perfume capsules, charcoal odour filter) sold separately.

Certain products feature built-in deodorizer compartments. For products that do not, a separate EKO Grancy Perfume Capsule Holder
may be purchased and attached to the product.

*Graphics for illustrative purpose only.