April 26, 2020
EKO donated masks to branches and medical institutions in many countries

On March 24th, EKO donated up to 41,000 masks to branches around the world and important medical institutions in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and other countries, to boost the authorities' effort to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among them, 8,000 medical masks sent from EKO have been safely delivered to San Mateo General Hospital. This Italian authoritative hospital successfully cured "Patient No. 1" and completed the first new coronavirus serum test. The masks sent by EKO alleviated the emergency

situation of medical supplies in a timely manner, and the certificate of special gift was issued to thank the chairman of EKO for his full support. We hope to work together with China to overcome the difficulties.

GOG, Korean subsidiary

M.Westerman Co.GMBH, Germany

VAR GMBH, Germany

Japanese subsidiary