EKO believes our tireless work and dedication to our products is at the core of our success. We are always looking for inspiration in life and ways to continuously improve the quality of our products.


To build a brand is to build a promise. EKO 's responsibility and promise to our customers is one of the most important aspects to the foundation of the brand.

From product research and development, manufacturing, packaging, and after- sales service, EKO keeps its promise of high quality products and customer service.


Creativity and innovation sparked the beginning of EKO. When others are bounded by the traditional image of the waste bin, EKO saw the potential of the product to be reinvented and reimagined. By creating a brand new perception of what a waste bin can be, EKO has become a leader in the industry. " A little better, much better." No change is too small for EKO. We believe a small change can make a big difference in the user's experience.